NEEDS: Dynamic Urban Environmental Exposures on Depression and Suicide


Toward dynamic urban environmental exposure assessments

The theoretical basis for the NEEDS project has been published in Environmental Research. It is increasingly recognized that mental disorders are affected by both personal characteristics and environmental exposures. The built, natural, and social environments can either contribute to or buffer against metal disorders. Environmental exposure assessments related to mental health typically rely on neighborhoods…

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Do different conceptualizations of urbanity matter when we investigate urban-rural inequalities in suicide mortality?

Yes, it does, as our recent paper shows. Urban–rural disparities in suicide mortality have received considerable attention. Varying conceptualizations of urbanity may contribute to the conflicting findings. This ecological study on Germany assessed how and to what extent urban–rural suicide associations are affected by 14 different urban–rural indicators. Indicators were based on continuous or k-means…

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NEEDS project launched

Feeling dismal? Venture out! The NEEDS project receives funding from the European Research Council to address the influence of dynamic environments on mental health.

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